LiveWhale Screens

Display LiveWhale events via a campus-wide digital display system. All you need is this widget and a few giant TVs running Google Chrome.

This LiveWhale widget allows you to create custom feeds using any standard events widget criteria and then load them from a web page in any full screen Google Chrome connected to a large television. (Yes, on Windows, Mac, *nix or RPi even.)

If you’d like an example, there are three live feeds from Lewis & Clark:

Each pulls events from a different series of groups, and all require that events be located within Portland. (That’s just the tip of the iceberg— you could do “arts events in the Fine Arts building” or nearly any other combination.)

The screens run independently and will continue to run even if LiveWhale becomes unreachable. (You have the ability to set how often they refresh, down to every minute.)

If you do happen to load them from a standard web browser, then you can use the arrow keys to “fast-forward” or “rewind.” (And don’t forget to try those on your mobile device, the presentation is responsive and swipe-enabled too.)

View and download this code from Github.

Thanks goes to Morgan Grether for funding the work to upgrade the earlier screens server into this simple LiveWhale widget.