Custom Profile Templates per Profile Type

This module adds a custom “Profile Template” field to the LiveWhale Profile Type editor and uses its value to automatically display profiles of that type in that template.
  1. Go to ./livewhale/client/modules/
  2. Create a new directory (ex., profile_templates)
  3. Create 2 new files titled, private.application.profile_templates.php and public.application.profile_templates.php
  4. Insert the code below into their respective files.
  5. Go to your LiveWhale login screen to activate the change. If you are already logged in, log out and re-login.

To use

You should now see a new field in the right sidebar of your profile type editor.



Fill in the path to the template you would like to use with this profile type.

Now when you visit any profile of this type, the template path will automatically be appended to the URL, and the profile will display in the proper template.