Add Suggest to Main Calendar

The “suggest to group” box is really useful, but there are so many groups on most of your installs— and often there’s a single group that gets most of the suggestions (usually the homepage).  This module is called suggest_to, and it adds an extra checkbox above the group select box.  It’s a shortcut to suggest to the specific group of your choice.


1. Go to ./livewhale/client/modules/

2. Create a new directory to store the custom files (ex., suggest_to)

3. Create a new file titled, private.application.suggest_to.php

4. Insert the private.application.suggest_to.php code below.

5. Create a ./scripts subdirectory and add the javascript file below (suggest_to.js). Make sure you match the calendar group id and group name to the group that’ll be a shortcut to suggest (ex., Homepage).

6. Go to your LiveWhale login screen to activate the change. If you are already logged in, log out and re-login.